gamemode works single player but not multi : no error ?!?!

I am making my gamemode alot better and changed the way some things are called but nothing that could result in the fact that it now doesnt work in multiplayer. when i play it single player it works and everything but it must be cl_init and everything clientside going wrong because it still leaves the server signiture ( unhandled usermessages handled by client like the motd ) but none of the client side stuff works. I have no error and i don’t know where to start as i cannot have the server erros becuase it works single player

any help?



common people, i really need this to work and i have no idea why it doesn, no error, nothing but i know its client side

i think its because the client isnt downloading the files, even though he is, i am confused


damm auto merge


someone post

Well you didn’t show us any code, so there is no way for us to help you. Also did you make sure in your init.lua file you used AddCSLuaFile(“whatever.lua”) and that you also did include(‘whatever.lua’) in your cl_init.lua?

yes i did, i found the error, it was the fact i was overiding some functions, so i remade the whole download system and it works now

and the fact that you wanted code: it is like 20 files of 200 lines of code each so i didnt want to post it here incase i got banned for spam XD


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