Gamemode: YourRP (Global RP Gamemode)

YourRP - your rules, endless possibilities

A RP Gamemode, where you can change everything. (NOT DARKRP)

Trello (Features):

It will be made out of modules.
Everything will be configured ingame with a GUI.

Our Team:

  • senfauge (Design)
  • MaxPlayZ (Documentation, Front End)
  • Illidan (Consultant)
  • Aimatt (3D Artist)
  • Me (Coding)

We need/look for:

  • Animation


Other Gamemodes:



This is a good idea but often doesn’t work that well in the end. If you end up doing this please focus on each part to make them really customizable. If some modules doesn’t feel just right it often breaks as a whole.

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This is really ambitious, I’d focus on making things modular with things easily enabled/disabled, loaded/unloaded so that it makes ease of development easier. Allows for easy modding, If someone doesn’t like a core feature it can easily just be not used.

This is a type of project once I finish picking up the C# syntax, I’d want to try to make things for to improve it.

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yes, that is planned!

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Are you planning on using github so that people who wish to help can?

yes sure :smiley:, added links to the mainpost*

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Be really careful with the character system, if you’re doing one-appereance characters for events (especially when non-admins are participating) it can be hell on earth to set everything up.

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any ideas are welcome :smiley:
would like to hear how you would do the event chars

I’d make an admin command or menu, that would allow

  • choosing a player for whom the character would be create (can be yourself)
  • time after which it is removed OR
  • ondeath = removed on death OR
  • onleave = removed when you leave server OR
  • onchange = removed when you change character OR
  • manual = only removed if you manually remove it OR
  • choosing a preset to create the char from (name, model, health, items in inventory etc), presets would be created in a config file or menu, or by using a /savechar command

it should then automatically switch the target player to that character

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As to items, i’d include the following bases:

  1. Weapon
    1.1. Can be equipped
    1.2. Can be reloaded from inventory (optional)
    1.3. Equipped state is saved and kept even when reconnected or dead (except if weapon drops on death,
    1.4. De-equipped automatically when dropped
    1.4. Has function “CanEquip” “CanPickUp” “CanDrop” to interact with plugins etc
  2. Consumable
    2.1. Can be consumed, has a OnConsume, CanConsume function
  3. Outfit
    3.1. Can be equipped and changes playermodel or its part (depends on how models work exactly), has an CanEquip, CanDrop, CanPickUp, etc
    3.2. Can give you boosts, etc when equipped (function: WhileEquipped or OnEquipped + OnDeEquipped)
    3.3. Auto de-equips when dropped.
    3.4. Equipped state is saved and kept even when reconnected or dead. Equipped outfits are visible on character screen when changing or loading a character
  4. Placable/Deployable
    4.1. Can be used once to place an entity in the world
    4.2. The entity can/cannot be retrieved (CanPickUp)
    4.3. Item is destroyed on use
  5. Interactable
    5.1. Cannot be stored in inventory
    5.2. Can have own inventory
    5.3. Can be used/interacted by players (and perhaps npcs?)
    5.4. Has an OnUse, OnDeploy, OnDestroy, CanUse functions
    5.5. Has health, if set to -1, the interactable is indestructible

Perhaps weapons and outfits can have a consolidated base “Equippable”, perhaps they can be only an equippable, that has an “OnEquip” function and promptly changes the player’s model, gives them a weapon, etc, if so, this is “Equippable”

  1. Equippable
    6.1. Can be equipped
    6.2. Equipped state is saved even when reconnected or dead (except if item drops on death)
    6.3. Has function “CanEquip” “OnEquip” “CanPickUp” “OnPickUp” “CanDrop” “OnDrop” to interact with plugins etc
    6.4. Perhaps special functions when also “IsWeapon” or “IsOutfit” derived from my outfit and weapon suggestion?

The only problem with “Equippable” i see is that it is too generic to use for a weapon or an outfit consistently, if we go this route, we should be able to also have an item base that is based on another base

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Do not publish your game mode, if you do, we will have the same scheme as garrys mod, a lot of kids who don’t know how to code who will create bad servers and the real developers will have no visibility because of the all waste servers

thanks for the ideas! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think there’s definitely a way to avoid this without locking down the game mode. The current Garry’s Mod scheme isn’t ideal, sure, but locking everything down and forcing everything to be built from the ground up is going to create more problems than it fixes.


yes! We need to find a solution for that

That problem isn’t specific to just RP on Garry’s Mod. If you go on Amazon you’ll find a bunch of cheap, barely working knockoffs of better products. There’s two main solutions to this: content curation and marketing. I personally wouldn’t like a curated list of game modes because I think that goes against what made Garry’s Mod so great. But, more avenues for people to learn about different gamemodes and see just how great they are would be very helpful.

For the trello would it be possible to get checklists in english?

should be english now, can’t edit my mainpost, why? :smiley:

Logs is still in german

fixed :smiley:

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