Hello I’m currently planning to create a serious roleplay gamemode (Like SARP from san andreas multiplayer if any of you played it) I plan to use the darkrp gamemode as a base and then heavily modify (Its allowed it says in the LICENSE.txt ) and no it’s not going to ruin the Garry’s mode browers as it will look nothing like the rip off darkrp gamemodes such as MafiaRP. I want to change the dakrp gamemode name and I’m a bit rusty with gmod gamemodes but it used to be to simply change the darkrp cl_init.lua, init.lua and then the gamemodes e.g DarkRP.txt title to your gamemode name. I tried this but it didn’t work, the only way I could change the name was to change the DarkRP.txt file to my gamemode name which the caused multiple problems as variables etc were changed. Is there a way to change the gamemode name?

Thank you

  • Chaz

Sorry but this isnt the developers corner. And also i think you should learn basic lua. If you already fail at something that has been answered here about 20 times then you probably cant edit DarkRP