Hello is there any way to get the gamemode “AuschwitzRP” ?


This is DarkRP not AuschwitzRP…

yeah, and all you have to do is rename it and change some jobs and you get AuschwitzRP

inb4 “how do I do that” - just follow this guide

oh ok thanks for the help

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Well I did now all things in the video and it still comes under “Sandbox”
“Couldn’t change active gamemode - ‘AuschwitzRP’ not found”

you didn’t follow the guide correctly, make sure you actually watch it fully

I changed the folder gamemode to AuschwitzRP, the TxT to Auschwitz and inside the txt to Auschwitzrp.
cl_init inside to Auschwitzrp and init to Auschwitzrp.
Gamemode in commandline to AuschwitzRP.
Thats what the Video told me but didn’t work

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Ok works now finally. Thanks to the guys who helped me.

I love how everyone has just given up at this point.

There’s no stopping these ‘unique’ roleplay experiences. Just gotta let them live their course.