Gamemodes are messed up on my server

Only gamemodes that work on my server:

All others are messed up. No class selection screen, weapons are messed up and there is a stunstick in the 1rst category. Wth? Seriously I am really getting angry at this because now the gamemode i was making probobly worked all along because all of the gamemodes do the same thing. Anyone know my problem?

When people are joining my server, every time they enter, if they have ever been on my server before, they have to re download all the files on my server.

Problem 2, is somewhat normal for some. What server program are you using? If your using SRCDS, you should try redownload server content. If that fails, delete the entire server folder (EVERYTHING). And try downloading it again. If not…Im no sure sorry…

You cant just put stuff in addons BTW

Maps and gamemodes and models usually need to be extracted, just saying ancase you just popped it into addons,

yea that to…

Yep I put it in gamemodes… weird