Gamemodes causing crashes to desktop.

Randomly while testing my gamemode, my game crashes waaaaaaaaaaaaay too often to be coincidental, and since I’m too stupid to determine what happened based on these crash dumps, I need someone’s help.

You could start by fixing these two errors;

[ERROR] gamemodes/tf2/entities/weapons/tf_weapon_minigun.lua:25: '=' expected near 'TAB'
  1. unknown - gamemodes/tf2/entities/weapons/tf_weapon_minigun.lua:0

[ERROR] gamemodes/tf2/entities/weapons/tf_weapon_minigun.lua:56: Tried to use a NULL entity!
  1. SetNoDraw - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - gamemodes/tf2/entities/weapons/tf_weapon_minigun.lua:56

It could be caused by this as well, as it is the last thing spammed in the console before the crash initiated:

Requesting texture value from var "$dudvmap" which is not a texture value (material: models/effects/muzzleflash/blurmuzzle)

EDIT: I looked at some more crash logs, and this is pretty interesting as well:

7516(4199.459562):  NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
7515(4199.459552):  Attempted to create unknown entity type tf_weapon_fists!
7514(4199.459519):  NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
7513(4199.459485):  Attempted to create unknown entity type tf_weapon_shotgun!
7510(3988.066585):  CRASH IMINENT!7509(3971.171221):  
7507(3971.137240):  CRASH IMINENT!7506(3968.053921):  
7504(3968.047505):  CRASH IMINENT!7503(3964.583068):  
7501(3964.576171):  CRASH IMINENT!7500(3917.425615):  
7499(3917.425607):  RED7498(3917.425386):  NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
7497(3917.425375):  Attempted to create unknown entity type tf_weapon_fists!
7496(3917.425286):  NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
7495(3917.425248):  Attempted to create unknown entity type tf_weapon_shotgun!
7494(3917.421645):  > Entity(1):StripWeapons() Entity(1):Spawn()...
7493(3915.498715):  > Entity(1):StripWeapons()...
7490(3903.897702):  CRASH IMINENT!7489(3900.424891):  
7487(3900.406265):  CRASH IMINENT!7486(3885.037784):  > Entity(1):StripWeapons()...

Are you sure you are using the correct entity names? Try looking in your entities/weapons folder and verify if those are the correct names for the weapons

The crashes appear to be caused by the autorefresh thing by garry - every once in a while after a reload it crashes the game for some reason