Gamemode's don't save/show my data properly?

I’m the owner of [RR] Fallout Mod (No bad comments please…)

And about last month i noticed that my level, exp, money and everything (except skills) were 0. The thing is, I can still level up and everything (I’m currently level 15 or so), and when i collect resources i can build stuff, and in the shop it says “You don’t have enough money for that” or for the quests it says “You are not a high enough level”

My Hunger is 100% all the time (The higher it is the more hungry you are.) and my Energy is at 0%, so is my Radiation.

I believe it has something to do with my Garry’s Mod. It’s not server side because I have ran the server on a fresh everything and it still does that, Plus… It’s fine for everyone else… It also does this stuff in other gamemodes (CakeScriptG2 to be exact).

I do not remember anything i have changed before it broke.

The gamemode also saves stuff by some sort of ID (Not SteamID). I don’t know what they call it… But my friend said that something in Wire could show you the ID.

The only thing i have not tried yet is going on another computer and running it to see if it works or not.

System hardware specs:

  • AMD 64 3800+ Dual Core
  • 2.5 GBs
  • nVidia XFX 250 GTS
  • Windows XP.

Thank you in advance.

just to let you know all those gamemodes are marked as broken

Only problem is. it works for everyone else except me.

EDIT: I just removed my gmod folder and apparently It’s a addon that is conflicting with it.