Gamemodes folder missing!

Help my gamemodes folder is missing. I dont know if it is supposed to be like that. But if it is where do i put my gamemodes. I am trying to put my gamemode somewhere and host it. Experim3nt rp. Look up in google wiki public gmod gamemodes. And find public gamemodes where it listes gamemodes. And pick nexus.
Try to find a place to put it. Please help me

Umm create a folder called gamemodes?


lol ok. That was domb of me. And yes i did buy it from steam. But it dissapeard 1 week ago. So… Does the create folder work. Im gonna create one

Or you could reinstall it.

Yeah, it’s actually in Steam/steamapps/YOU/garrysmod/garrysmod.

dude i havw same proplem just keep going random servers and once you play a while you’ll see it. but dont crate it dose nothing…

Please learn to spell, I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

You could probably find it in that dictionary you never opened