Gamemodes folder missing.

I’m a little confused here as I can not find my gamemodes folder for Garry’s Mod. Could someone tell me where it is at or what has happened to it? I haven’t played Garry’s Mod in a few months so I’m not really up to date with everything.

Well, make sure you’re looking here:


I am positive I am looking there and I have refreshed the folder multiple times, removed the folder and re-started Garry’s Mod, as well as searched for the sandbox/fretta gamemode folders on my hard drive.

How the hell did you manage to lose your gamemodes folder?

Are you sure you’re looking in your account?

Delete your garrysmod folder, it does not generate, along with addons/derma/

I’ve refreshed the folder and tried re opening it about a million times already. I’m currently on a singleplayer game of sandbox and I have played on a multiplayer one as well, along with fretta. I also exited Garry’s Mod, deleted my Garry’s Mod folder, restarted Garry’s Mod, played singleplayer and multiplayer sandbox, then tried opening/refreshing that folder another million times.

I’m confused ><



create one?

I had the same issue, but with the addons folder when I remade my gmod folder a week ago. I ended up pulling the addons folder from the Game Cache File, and manually placing it there. So far, it works like a charm.

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Once you’re in to where ‘addons’ is supposed to be create your own addon folder by going to file and creating a new folder. Then simply start adding your addons therein. It will work fine.

You mean gamemodes?

So it’s not extracting, big deal. Just create one.

Im missing mine as well I just build my new computer and installed gmod. I ran sandbox single and multi player.

The main reason I’m asking is because I want the sandbox and base gamemodes when I need to look off of them. I’m too lazy to go download them myself, it’s just a bit annoying not having them there.

I’m having the exact same issue with addons and gamemodes

Here you are; uploaded gamemodes folder with base, sandbox and fretta in it.


Your Right. I have this problem too. I tryed to reinstall gmod but nothing. The addons folder you can create, but not the gamemodes folder. >.<

You can create a gamemodes folder too, it’ll work fine, I know because I did it.

I tryed, But its seems that gamemodes folder need to have Sandbox and another gamemode. and than it will work. Without the “Base” that have sandbox you cant install other gamemodes. I tryed to install DarkRP but nothing.

Zing zing?

Although if you choose that you have to download it all seperately :C