Gamemodes In Development

My current gamemodes in development/released

Based from the Counter-Strike: Source version.
Weapon Saving
Automatic Map Rotation
Based on Fretta
Custom HUD
pictures coming soon

Based from the Counter-Strike: Source version.
Weapon leveling.
You can change the amount of kills to level up.
Grenade Level.
Knife Level.
Automatic Map Rotation
Based on Fretta
Custom HUD
pictures coming soon

A Roleplay gamemode.
Nowhere NEAR finished.
Money system working.
Payday system working.
Inventory almost finished.
Completely from scratch.
No HUD, You check your status using /status and it would return

Health Condition: Wounded
Armor Condition: No Armor
Current Weapon: MP5K
Current Magazine: About 15 bullets left, out of 35


I like the idea of a Surf gamemode, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any.
Isn’t there already a gun game gamemode?
What is your roleplay gamemode about? What is its main theme?
I like the idea of having no HUD, it adds to the immersive feel, however you should probably replace the /status command. Maybe you could tell people how much health the player currently has left using some neat post processing effects?
As for the rest, couldn’t it be displayed in a menu somewhere?

I think you should post more details about each gamemode and some actual content.

Isn’t GunGame already made for Fretta in gmod?


probably mudkip made one.

Congratulations. You have started 3 projects without even finishing one. You don’t know basics and are too ignorant to learn so why attempt to do all this at once.

Doesn’t sassilization have surf already made?

Get something finished first. Then go onto other gamemodes, and all these gamemodes are already made. You should think of something new.

Hmm… déjà-vu…

Also people, what does it matter if those game modes already exist, just let the man attempt to make them himself if he thinks he can do better.

Custom HUD’s

Well, some of my first gamemodes that I actually plan to finish.
Anyone wanna help?
Gonna try and get some screenies later.