GameModes Not Showing Up In game Need help

Dear Adminsistrators or anyone who can solve this problem.

I have made/ coded my own gamemode and it is in the gamemode folder but wont show up when I got to change my gamemode from terror town cinema etc, it is just not there. I even tried removing terror town and it worked, put it back in and it appeared I coded it correctly but It wont show up, I really would like a answer from anyone who had experienced/fixed/knows the problem or administrators.

Thank you very much!

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is there a .txt file inside the gamemode folder with the same name as the folder containing the information detailed here:

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If it is there do you have “menusystem” set to “1”

Mine looks like this in the TXT “mycoolgamemode”
“base” “base”
“title” “My Server”
“maps” “^gm_”
“menusystem” “1”

Is this correct?

this reply box changed some of spacing but that what I have

that looks correct.
the file is named mycoolgamemode.txt and the folder is named mycoolgamemode right?

Yes it is named mycoolgamemode both of them