Gamemodes that should die

Well i saw there was thread for game modes that shouldn’t have died. I thought why not make a thread about gamemodes that should die.

Post your opinion of why it should die and please give good reason.
Please no

First up for me:

Dark rp
Not the original, just all the thousands of useless clones.
I don’t mind if like you modify dark rp for your own server but modifying it by adding an extra class and calling it ‘super leet dark rpv3.1337.’. It just gets old… Really really fast…

same goes for all of the rip off crappy tacoscript mods.


Base gamemode.
It’s very boring.

All of them.


Legend Of Zelda: Source

It’s not getting anywhere.

Why should they die if people play them?
It’s not like them being there bothers you. And if they do you need help.

Correct. Nobody is forcing you all to play them.

I was just making descussions lol.

Well just ban him then.
And that never happens.

Unless a minge comes on your server and won’t go away until you play his DarkRP edit.

Then you just ban him.

I seriously can’t connect to any server that isn’t running a Sassilization gamemode!

You do know that Sass is not the best GM out there. It is just a GM. I got dead tired of it because the most if not all, VIPs are real assholes and their mods as well.

I find it hard to actually enjoy the game when some stupid VIP (always them the most) after minutes in games, spams the aerial unit and such while boasting how good they are when in fact they bought their way to all the upgrades.

I hate Sassafrass with a vengeance because he killed Zahmbeez.

I must have taken your previous statement wrong. Sorry about that.

So you cannot connect to anything else? That is odd. Tried cleaning out your gmod folder?

zahmbeez got released? what?

Ouch, that almost hurt, than you put the “It’s not getting anywhere”. First thing I would like to say, we just got our team together and are having a meeting within the next couple of days. That is the main reason we haven’t done much on it in the last week or so. We have a very nice team going actually, the coder who did medieval RP ( or middle ages, i always mix up the names ). 3 mappers, 1 texture artist, and one of our mappers can do cinematics :D. This being said, after talking in many different forums and with the team members one on one, we are really being pulled between Zelda and none Zelda. There are copyright laws that apply, but we have found ways around them, but than again we also want the freedom of our own mod! The real reason we ever planned on doing Zelda is because it would be like a Zelda game, in the source engine, now don’t tell me that wouldn’t kick butt. That’s also why I haven’t updated any maps, because I don’t want to spend 10 hours mapping out a nice hyrule field, so we can go, “Alright guys what do you think” “No zelda!”. Once we have our first meeting things will get rolling, with or without Zelda.

I hope that helps you realize the recent stall.

No need to bump this thread. Should of just let it died like you should let your crappy Zelda recreation die.


All the team did was argue and bitch about eachother, what resulted was a badly cooked gamemode which got shut down and is now being ‘remade’ when it shouldn’t be. Maw should have kept the concept to himself, him alone is a much better developer than the sunrise ‘team’.