Gamemodes that shouldnt have died!

Post them here, maybe they will be revived someday.


Isn’t dogfight still up?

i remember a guy named LaKraven hosting it 3 months ago

also there is geoforts hl2 dm mod.

Sunrise. SUNRISE.

Blame azuiesleet for killing both Sunrise and Dogfight

Uh. Why?

Sunrise is not dead, another community is working on it, and it is amazing… I was on it today I am just amazed at the sheer amount of stuff they have that New Era failed to produce.


Most likely roleplay in general, but that’s not really a gamemode…

Onslaught 2, looked sooo promising. 100x better than the original. Brings a tear to my eye.

Dogfight was done by conman >>


Hl2land RP

That Star Wars MMO gamemode, I think it died. There was a lot of custom assets being created for it. Star Wars online was it?

The Freelancer Gamemode that actually had working docks and everything.


Fuck you garry.

Yea it died sadly.
Everyone stopped working and decided to quit mainly because of school and because they left to work on other projects.

redead needs to be brought back, it is an amazing game.

Zahmbeez! and Stampede!

I fixed it up a bit, and added a few SNPCs. I’m planning on making a small server for my friends and I to play on.
I still have a small problem where one of my snpcs focuses on attacking the zombies, and I want to remove the class player models.

I wish GeoForts were still here.