Gamemodes via cloudscript?

With all the talk of how things like STools, SNPCs, and maps ought to be added to cloudscript, I figured…why not gamemodes?

The biggest issue I can think of is that gamemodes aren’t really something that can be downloaded in the middle of a game and implemented right away, like SWEPs or SENTs. There would probably need to be a separate menu, accessible through the main menu or something, for downloading “big” content like maps and gamemodes.

But it would be cool if people’s Fretta gamemodes could be shown off right in-game for the people who own GMod but don’t browse facepunch or whatever.

No. You miss the point of cloudscript.

Well then please enlighten me, mister official assistant to Garry Newman.

AFAIK its meant to be a piss-easy method of quickly getting small amounts of content without having to restart GMod, a server or a session in order to use.

While the focus at the moment is “small amounts of content”, he clearly wishes to expand heavily upon this in the near future.

It’s technically feasible that’s for sure. You’d just need a cloudscript button in the gamemode selection menu for SinglePlayer and the rest is the same base principle.

NPCs? Garry works at them.


it’s possible!

Gamemodes are nothing more than a collection of content and scripts. It’d be possible to offer them the same way as maps are going to be provided, as a separate tab in the main menu.

The more I think about it, cloudscript gamemodes would be great for fretta gamemodes ( or anything else simple ). If all you have to do is click a button and the gamemode is downloaded and cached/installed, and then you can go play it right away, that would help more people play the gamemodes even if they are not sure how to install them. Of course, gamemodes that require special installation or other addons to be installed for it to work are not going to work well in this case.

Garry mentioned getting saves working with cloud script, and as far as I know, saves can NOT be started in a already started session (well they can, but it starts a new one, meaning cloudscript already will be working from the main menu, so why is this not a valid idea?

Understand that if garry were to implement something like that you’d have to be able to access the ToyBox out of game.

You can already.

No you wouldn’t game modes are loaded not on startup but on starting a game using that game mode, and toybox allready runs on main menu for the maps.

I posted that before it was implemented/before I knew it came out.

Earlier in the thread even it was posted that Garry was thinking of doing so for saves, that would have involved the same things as I pointed out earlier in thread.