Gamemodes you want to see made

This topic is about sharing your ideas with the world; what gamemode would you like to see made?


Large scale RTS game

a-la starcraft.

Ye, a Rts gamemod whould be kool

Like, an RPG style gamemode with an inventory system, lots of guns, and things like “rare drops” and looting and polluting

We need a gamemode ideas/requests subforum.

… I felt like I’ve heard that before by somebody I know very well…

:slight_smile: ily


i think we need a lot of subforums <.<

anywho i would like to see some crazy zombie filled map and you and some other guys are pounding it down the road in a lambo with machine guns strapped to the side and shit.

what i mean is some super awesome style zombie survival, with working gunshops =)

LightRP, but revamped, uses DarkRP coding so people can understand Job’s better. With no guns.

Star Wars Online. Looked promising, it’s a shame it died.

Spacebuild RP! still waiting

I believe there is something like this, called GlobalRP.

An RPG with a shitload of items, weapons etc.

MGO (Metal Gear Online) Gamemode

Will be fun :slight_smile:

CoD Gamemode with unockable extras etc like the online in CoD:5 & 4

i would BUY that if it came out :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like Gaelic Football perhaps, using grav guns to hold the ball and run with them and shoot to pass or score. Essentially like soccer on css but with minor differences like a timer on how long you can hold the ball or something.

An RP that is based around Resident Evil…Oh wait there was, then it died -_-

A racing game in the same style as this:

Would be cool.