'GameOver Jill' - Pyramid Head chokes, slams and slices Miss Valentine in two.

Stupidy big image incoming…
Tried to base it off your typical gameover sequence from Resident Evil.

The first image gives her the opportunity to escape (like ingame) but she quite clearly fucks it up.


Walk it off Jill.


Why do your pics have to be so awesome :C

Because hes a god.

Nice work there.

All hail Urbanator.


That’s amazing.

Oh yeah, Original please.

Resident Hill? Silent Evil? That’s definitely a crossover i’d like to see.

Epic picture, too.

its okay

Kidding, its awesome.

Fucking awesome camera angles and editing as usual.

God-damn that giant PNG though. God-damn it.

‘‘You are dead…not big suprise…’’


oh my god dude that is amazing

you’ll win the dA contest for sure

That last shot is awesome as hell.

Pyramid head is the main character. Not jill.


This is disturbing, really gave me chills, and sir, I can’t tell I’ve felt this feeling often when looking at a simple picture.

This is a masterpiece, amazing job.

Pretty fucking awesome

Eh, spray some first aid on and you’ll be good as new.