Gameplay/Content suggestions.

First off let me compliment you on the game, it’s pretty impressive for only being in alpha stage right now and I’ve already put in 45 hours when I just bought it not even a week ago. I love it! Things I’d love to see in the game though, knives (which I heard you’re working on, just not sure though), and bodily reactions when you’re shot. For instance getting shot in the calf or thigh with a pistol would slow down your movement speed, getting hit in the same place with a more powerful weapon would cripple you (such as when you fall too far and become injured, can’t run). This would add an amazing chase mechanic because as of right now there’s no way to slow someone down other than just killing them. Also related to this concept, if someone has amazing aim and can shoot someone’s gun, the gun would be knocked out of their hands. For now that’s what I can think of as in chasing mechanics. Great work though, keep it up and anyone else comment other suggestions below! :smiley:

Nice suggestions, IMHO rust is fine…just improve the world and add it more view models/ gender selection etc