Gameplay Discussion

I’ve played Rust for a while now and I’d like to talk discuss the core mechanics and see how everyone else feels. So the main things to talk about right now are;

Food is accessible in two ways, from mobs (animals/zombies) and from crates. Different foods fulfill different amounts of hunger.

Personally I’d like to see more ways to get food, in particular farming. Radioactive/nuclear land would be unsuitable for farming and would give an advantage to living away from the usually radioactive compounds or cities. Crops would have to be protected and well kept. Farming could work similarly to the Gmod Stranded gametype, seeds can be foraged from the ground and then planted on suitable land.

I also think there should be some bad foods, radioactive maybe that would increase your rads upon consumption. (zombie flesh?)

Radiation increases when your in a radioactive area, there are different intensities of radiation that affect your exposure differently. Right now you cant tell if an area is radioactive until you are in it, you will hear a ticking noise and your vision will be slightly affected. Your rads decrease over time when outside of a radioactive area and some medicines can also reduce it.

Not much to say about this one, I think there should be more ways of increasing your rads, like bad foods (above). Also, how do people feel about not knowing radioactivity until your in the area, should the player be able to see radioactive land from afar?

Base Building
To build a base you need materials (wood mainly) and then craft those materials into building components. I think most people love the system and from what I’ve read about future plans it’s a very good system. There are temporary shelters available too that are cheap but breakable.

My only grievance with base building right now is the litter of dead bases. Random storage boxes or metal doors in the middle of nowhere make the land look cluttered and unsightly, its also a waste of good land for other players. Also in terms of location you choose to build I think right now building near to compounds or cities is better. Though more populated you have access to crates and more zombies, a reason to draw players away from these and build bases far away would be nice.

Mechanics I’d Like to see
Thirst: should work similar to hunger, water bottles from mobs/crates or craftable and then refill at any water source. Some sources should be radioactive and drinking bad water should increase rads.
Difference in terrain: Right now the land is fairly similar, it’s pretty much all woodland. Adding new areas with threats would be nice. Snow land, where the cold debuff is constant and your hunger decreases faster or dry savannas where water sources are sparce and your thirst decreases faster.

Sorry for wall of text. Your thoughts on the games mechanics, GO!

Yeah thirst lol, there is water bottles in the game with description saying it will fill some of your thirst but theres no thirst bar

Nice post. I agree with most things and don’t think they would be hard to implement either. Farming sounds good. I think if a base hasn’t been used for a certain amount of time then maybe it could be wiped?? Not sure how this would work. Also metal doors are a pain considering everyone has got 2/3 it near impossible to raid so a new idea there would be good.

I was thinking about this too.

Could have all structures degrade over time and need upkeep or maintenance.

EDIT: Helk just confirmed this in game chat; not direct quote but he said something along the lines of “I’ve made a system where abandoned structures disappear but haven’t committed it yet.”