Gameplay ideas/suggestions

Hello, I have played rust for about 50 hours of gameplay. So far I think it is a great game/concept and I have really enjoyed playing. One thing that came as a dissapointment to me was the absence of zombies, as I saw them in many ‘Lets play’ youtube videos. Having played the game for a while now, I can see that zombies are not necessary, although I thought of a great idea that could see them returned to the game with a twist, here it is:

A fresh Server Wipe would have no zombies on the map. When a player is killed, a zombie will spawn in their location.
Zombies could have the spawn triggered in a number of ways, such as
-when the players bag from dying dissapears, a zombie could spawn there holding any remaining items. (This would give players who were shot through walls while sleeping a chance to get their bag back.
-When the player dies a zombie will spawn in a set amount of time at those co-ordinates.
-when a player dies, a zombie could respawn within a very short time.
This idea could be expanded upon by making it so that headshot kills will not spawn zombies, and perhaps kills with fire as well.
To prevent lag issues, zombies will only spawn if there are fewer than X amount of zombies within a given radius. This could be easily accomplished programmatically, and would be very awesome. If you developers are trying to move away from zombies, please consider this as an optional server setting, as I sincerely believe this idea could be popular with many players.

Here are some other unrelated ideas/suggestions. Im not providing these because there is anything blatantly wrong with the game, simply just want to provide feedback and possible improvements that hopefully others will agree with.

-when a player is logged out, only X amount of their doors should be breakable per 24 hours. I fully agree with the concept of raiding and it greatly improves gameplay, but I have yet to experience a raid that I have been around to prevent. My bases are always fully destroyed while I sleep at night. Perhaps when you look at a door, it could say players name in green or red indicating online status, so as to not cause raiders to waste time. Additionally, this protection would not be active unless you log out and successfully remain alive for at least an hour. That way you cant log out during a raid to prevent it. While this may not be popular with nightime raiders, they should keep in mind that raiding an unprotected house is not a display of good sportsmanship and effectively ruins the fun for many players (not me personally, its no big deal to me but I see tons of people who disagree)… Raiding a base with a defender inside will be a lot more realistic as that guy wouldnt just sleep through multiple C4 explosions if he was real.
Note that this will not end raiding. Smaller bases will still be vulnerable as the limit on metal doors you can destroy per 24 hours would be 3-5 or so, making a small base just as raidable as before. Additionally, if someone stays logged out for more than a day you can return and keep raiding. Finally, if they are online you can raid and destroy as mucj of their base as you can. Group raids would have to be limited by this as well here’s how: a house can only have maybe 10 things destroyed per day while owner is offline. Each raider gets 3-5 or maybe less. Numbers aside as it is up to developers to balance, the raiders could each use a couple C4. Thus making team raids more beneficial as they should be, and once they have destroyed an accumulative amount of stuff they will be stopped by this protection, giving the owner a chance to protect his base.

-doors should not be allowed to be placed on a house unless you remove ALL of its doors first. I built a staircase up the side of a 9 story base that was 8x10 in size., I put a door in a open wall, then proceeded to build doors beyond all their doors from within effectively stealing a base they probably took hours to make. This took me leas than 30 minutes to accomplish. It turned put to be a big group and they got it back the next day but my point still stands I think.

There should be an ally system, allowing the sharing of houses more easily, and preventing the house owner from logging out while his team defends a raid protected base. If your allys are online you get no base protection.

Boxes should have personal and ally mode. Personal means only raiders and yourself can open it. Ally means its shared ownership and accessibility with allys. This way people wont be afraid to build together, fearing their hours of work will be stolen by their immature online acquaintance. I for one have no irl friends that play so anyone I team up with would be a complete stranger and this makes it difficult to trust them. Allys would have to wait 24 hours after un-allying before personal boxes of their previous ally would be accessible. Also shared bases would remain shared for those 24 hours.

Sorry for the very long post but I figured I would address some of the most likely concerns people will have. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ps I am a programmer and all of this is programmatically easy in any OOP language. If it is not possible with the language used for Rust than that is understandable. If you need help or want to clarify some of my ideas feel free to contact me. ( you won’t get a lot of info about the game from this link but sometimes it might happen)

  • this and reddit

^ those are some of the sites from where you can get info . What you propose limits the player freedom and they made it clear that something like that won’t happen nor that they want to make it more casual so most of your ideas will be disapproved + they were mentioned by others in some older posts . If you build your base smart and you hide your guns , armors , resources etc. in multiple places then raiding will cost them more than what they get , one type of base that I’d like to recommend to you is this : - ofc there are still tricks to get around it and all that but many don’t know them and find it complicated to breach , you can read through the comments as well if you have time so you can get more info .

p.s: don’t get me wrong ,I have nothing with your ideas but I’m just saying that they aren’t what garry wants and personally I wouldn’t like it either because they make the game easier but each with what he likes :wink: the red animals are just placeholders they will soon add other stuff instead of that, zombies have been removed since a long time.

I see what you mean. While my ideas make the game more accessible to casual players such as myself, they take away from the more hardcore fans and the true nature of the game. While I’d say that is a fair and relevant argument, I would still like to know how others feel regarding this stuff. For example, if all these changes were server optional, there could still be ‘true’ rust servers for players like yourself, as well as casual ones. And before anyone refers casual players to PvE servers, they are just boring at this time.

I suppose these would not be important changes in the alpha build, and development should remain focused on what the game is ultimately about, but I think they would make it more accessible and hope they can work them into the beta or final version eventually.

Edit: also while I support the concept of giving players a lot of freedom, freedom isnt always the ‘best’ option. For example, any given country has laws even if it allows citizens freedom, because they protect people from assholes. In the case of rust, you said it yourself; while you can build raid preventative bases, no base is un-raidable. If someone waits until I logout he is almost guaranteed to be able to break in and will do so even just to spite me. Its hard to work around this and still offer freedom, I know. But the game could benefit from some manner of balancing. Too much freedom is abused and lessens the experience for more people than it improves it for. (In my opinion)

Zombies aren’t coming back. Their removal was planned a year ago and just took longer to do then planned.

This is Garry’s vision of freedom in Rust. I suggest reading it. Rust isn’t for everyone.

I fully enjoy rust and if it doesnt change that’s honestly fine, just thought Id share some ideas I had and see what others thought. Thanks for clarifying on the zombies, I shouldve looked into it more before buying to learn they were gone, as Im a new player I didnt know any of the details about why they got removed. Nevertheless, a zombie free world for rust is 100% fine with me, I am excited to see what other PvE threats are added instead. Original ideas and ingenuity are something that you wont see if the game adopts the zombies sell games business model.

i think door limits penalise smaller players unless it was done on a percentage. if you set the limit to 2 for example, a small player with a tiny house can be annihilated, while a larger kevlar motel gains protection from reprisal due to the 15 stories and 100 doors that block your way combining with the 2 door limit.

the zombies system is pretty well thought out and interesting, but the team seem to want to steer away from zombies entirely…they were placeholders and that’s all they were intended to be. i suppose the validity of this idea depends on what animals/monsters they introduce(if any) beyond the current.