Fun RP server, FastDL, CS:S Realistic Weapons, Lots of fun classes

Gamers Epoch DarkRP server

We have lots of fun custom classes for those who like to RP. Our addons include:

CS:S Realistic Weapons (Including custom shipments for Gun Dealers)
Jetpack (And a class called Rocket Man, who can buy and sell Jetpacks)
Lag-free server
FastDL, so if you have stuff to download, no worries, our server is dedicated to getting you in quickly!

Come visit us today!

(Please add this rather than our IP address, so incase our IP ever changes, you don’t lose us from your favorites)

See you there!


:saddowns: Was that really nessesary?.

I can’t make a door.
I can’t make a car. (Maybe if the map it’s small I’ll not need it)
I can’t build a house. (Or fullyfy a room and make multiple rooms from one)

What can I do, I the normal not-respected user?

  • Pay to become respected
  • Walk around
  • Hire respected users to do stuff for you
  • Pay them more money
  • Moar

1- No, I’m not going to pay to use a tool that’s free in other servers
2- No, It’s the same as “nothing”
3- They disconnect and all my stuff is gone so, no, also if PP is on I can’t move my stuff or use it, unless the guy let me.
4- Who is “them”?
5- Explain “moar”

What I meant was, If you play on that server, without respected, you get the unique and exciting opportunity to pay them money. DOESNT THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO PLAY?

Paying for respected? Ridiculous. There’s 3506384968 more DarkRP servers out there that don’t require that you pay to use the toolgun.

Totally agree, if I’m going to a server and I can’t do anything besides walking buying/selling guns and shooting people, then that’s server isn’t for me.

Also I just checked the server, it’s empty…

I would prefer if respected was given the same way as Gold member in Facepunch.

DarkRP. Haha.

Worst creation. I think it ruined garry’s mod roleplaying.

It was good at first. I remember ibn the early days, I ran a listen server on gm_tropicalwaters with it and it got popular. I dont know what was changed, but now there are more minges on it than any other gamemode, excluding sandbox maybe. LightRP was and always will be the best though.

At the same time many degenerated into shit RPers, alot of eyes must have opened because of Dark RP, so I dunno about that

DarkRP didn’t ruin the RP community, the RP community ruined itself, as more and more people became aware of it, the community grew, and like any growing community, it was full of fucktards. Unfortunately the fucktards mated and made baby fucktards. A script cannot ruin a game, only the community can, stop being a pompous dick.

I didn’t mean the gamemode itself, the gamemode has potential.

Paying for tools is bullshit no offense.
By “fun custom classes” do you mean shitty fbi, swat jobs ?

What makes this server different than the other 304693490 DarkRP servers?

No. Pay? Bull shit.

I would join…
(Even with the respected stuff)
If there were people in there…



Was that sarcasm? I rated you funny.

Pay? You Gotta be Shitting me.
DarkRP? Hell no.

just saw this thread. anyway, it wasnt all tools respected and up, it was all tools that are used in exploits and general minging, like special effects stools, chair stool, etc. and you certainly didnt ever have to pay to get respected. basically being on the server and not breaking a rule for a couple hours is all u needed for that. but i know how kids like to whine and moan these days.

Thats rediculous Ill just go to the server in the list under it.