GamerzHost no licence?

Why dosnt get a Licence to sell Rust Servers?

Did they need something to get the Licence?! I know they ask for a licence but donst get one

Because the devs are not just giving anyone who asks access. I don’t know that the dev team have actually added any new hosts in the last month at all.

This game is still in alpha. Plus, hundreds/thousands of requests have come in asking for the ability to rent Rust servers. If the devs are even trying to add new hosts, they’re likely to be buried under the flood.

Sounds not good :confused:
i heard that there is only 1 host for germany that sell Rust Servers :confused:

That will change in the future, I’m sure.

The game has only been on Steam for two months and it’s still alpha, so it’s still early days.

sure i know what you mean but its littlebit “unfair” for the other Hosts if you know what i mean.
1 German Hoster get the licence and sell sell sell and all the others can only wait.

what the hell are you talking about?
there are 4 hosting companies available that have also servers in germany…
moaning about something without even using google in first place, seriously dude


they all offer servers located IN germany