Gamerzunlimited and other hosters.

The main question I am asking here is if Gamerzunlimited is incredibly laggy? It seems like a 20 slot server should NOT cost five bucks a month. Also, which is the best, (lag and service based) out of these?
Sleek Servers
Ultimate Game Host

GU are shite.

They’re all pretty shit.

What do you mean? Will they lag all the time? Under 15+ players?

If a server lags after a certain amount of people, it is likely that it is your addons/gamemode, and not the GSP.

GU is run on a homehosted box in the guy’s house. Servers bought from him are [GU] servers, not your own server.

All of them are shit.

NNJG’s owner routinely shows off his stupidity and makes a mockery of himself here.
Sleekservers looks OK but I’ve never heard anything about them, they appear to colo/rent actual servers so they are at least a proper host.
Ultimate Game Host contains the name ultimate so there for removing any credibility it ever had.

Gamerzunlimited is hosted by Magnetar/Blueberry at his home in Portland, Oregon.
I pretty much killed off his clan because he decided that he owns all the servers tagged with [GU]. Even though you pay him money each month for it you have 0 say in anything which happens. We left and all his servers wound up back at his house within months because of “Hardware Issues” also known as no one wants to pay you money and no one donates to the clan since you don’t host any populated servers.

He’s asking what type of quality he will get with a dirt cheap company.

So what’s the cheapest server hoster that isn’t crap?

you should try they are amazing. I been a customer for almost 3 years and i just love it. Each year seems to get better and better i had many different servers for all types of games and it amazes me how the performance is so great. Really cheap, you really can get a good server for cheap i totally recommend you try this place.

Thanks. Not exactly five dollars, but reasonably priced. I will probably use Xenon.

Open a sales ticket and tell them Brocko sent you! I’m sure you can get a discount. :slight_smile:

Xenon is good. I had hosting there for about 8 months.

I had a Minecraft server with Xenon for awhile. It wasn’t too bad, it lagged once in awhile but they’re damn good for the price.

You work for Xenon. Stop giving good reviews of a company you work for.
Regardless, Xenon is pretty decent for the price.

He really did have a Minecraft server though. :slight_smile:

He’s going to be biased towards a company he works for.

hey guys use brohoster I use them for my minecraft server and it NEVER LAGS. EVER. /unbiasedreview

I know a lot of people who think the company they work for is absolute shit. It would be different if brock does it or if he didn’t actually use their service.

It’s not a fully reliable review but it is someone who is happy with the service.

Even Art of War Central is on a whole different level than the rest of these schmucks he was asking about. Xenon Servers beats the hell out of all of them, easily.

I’d personally just rent out a small VPS. I’m told a VPS I’m renting from FanaticalVPS could manage a small source server, and the VPS only costs me £4 a quarter - so that’s £29 less than a server from xenonservers. Even without the 20% discount I have, it’s still £27 less than xenonservers per quarter.

I don’t get paid hardly anywhere near enough to be biased. When my server lagged, it was fucking terrible. Eventually, everyone I knew stopped playing because the lag was bad, so I canceled it. I’ve played on other servers since and it’s gotten way better.

In any case, I think you’re the one who’s biased, not me. Besides, can I not have a personal opinion anymore?