GamerzUnlimited server hosting any good?

Well, I came across this gmod server hoster called GamerzUnlimited and saw the prices. $0.50 a slot, +$5 monthly. And I would like a 20 slot server and the price came out to be $20.00 monthly. I’d say that is pretty good, but has anyone rented from these guys?

I’m not trying to run a sandbox/darkRP and have people spawn over 9000 props, something like Radioactive Sandbox. I’ve experienced Xenon hosts before, and they’re pretty good. But are the servers at GamerzUnlimited pretty good for the price, or laggy and crash every 15 minutes?

no go to brohoster or xenon servers

Anything that changes a S to a Z or has “Gamer” in the name is probably a bad choice. GU in particular is ran off one box hosted in a guys house. Not a good choice.


Yes. They are pretty good for the price. The service is good and they have a pretty good support team. Don’t be fooled by all the people saying “XENON IZ CUL BECUZ IT IZ GUD AND I IZ FANBOI OF XENON HOSTING”. And honestly, the people who say GU is bad have never really tried it. They just get their information from another person’s post in which that person was probably having a bad day and decided to say GU sucks. That’s exactly why everyone thinks GU is bad. Because one person decided to say they were and everybody went with it. I will admit that they had a bad time a few or so weeks back. None of the servers were running, but that seems to be fixed. Oh ya. I don’t hate Xenon. I hate the people who thinks it’s “the shit” because everyone else thinks so. Honestly, GamerzUnlimited isn’t that bad, just try it.

Har. I get rated dumb because I speak the truth. Can you guys not handle the truth?

Xenon is bad. GU is bad. GSPs are bad.

“Har har. I haz not tried them but I still think they are shit lol!”

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Actually, he has more than one. Maybe if you tried them and quit listening to what everyone else said, you would not state such false things.

I’ve tried about 6 gsps before settling at brohoster, the worst was followed by gamerzunlimited.

they couldn’t even use proper grammar in the tickets

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lol, because everyone has money for a dedicated box

Getting 150$ a month in donations isn’t difficult

If that was the case then GSP’s would have gone out of business a long time ago.

Considering I’ve been running a community for two months and have already gotten 600+ in donations, if you aren’t getting enough to sustain a box you are doing something wrong

Good for you. I used to have a community pulling around $1000 a month in; however, not everyone is that lucky.

selling admin is bad

I don’t sell admin. I’ve got benefits in game for donators that aren’t extremely overpowered, yet give them enough motivation to donate. If I sold admin we probably would end up with less donations as people wouldn’t want to play due to the abusive admins.

Well, I’m pretty sure that you’re lying about the proper grammar thing. If you aren’t, they must have gotten rid of the person that was using bad grammar. Again, everyone has to lie and/or over-exagerate to make GamerzUnlimited look bad.

I would go They use ssd hard drives so it goes pretty smooth.

are you serious?

Stop advertising your servers that are ran in a 13 year olds basement.

Honestly id go with Ive been using them and there servers are awesome. I have a 30 slot sandbox. People spawn all kinds of shit and no lag at all. Plus there cheap.