I was going to Biohost but noticed that they are out of stock…
Then I found this.

I just watched at the prices and got surprised…
So basically, I would like to know if anyone has experience of them?

A lot of people say that the owner of the dedi will use your server for their community.
Basically you’re buying a server from GU and giving control over it to GU.

Try XenonServers, good support and they got themselves a new dedi.

You could also get a gameserver from Brohoster, I run it and anyone here can attest to the quality. We provide servers in Europe :buddy:

would definitely recommend both xenon and brohoster

Xenon is a great choice.

Brohoster <=> Xenon

I have rented servers from [GU] in the past(considering I was a member back then, and am currently). They’re good quality, but seeing as I’m about to get a 32 Slot from Brohoster(which is just a bit over a 20 Slot from UKGame) - I’ll have to say go with Brohoster.

UKGame sucks IMHO.
From the last thread about [GU]'s servers.

Your basically paying for a server FOR their clan. Your server must run under their rules 24/7

While that may be true, slayer3032(or Sadistic Slayer if you prefer) doesn’t really have a say. Seeing as his whole clan of “DramaUnlimited” got globally banned for crashing servers and causing problems - hell they created DramaUnlimited to do that.

But lets steer away from any [GU] flaming if we can. Otherwise it’ll end up like that topic.

I tried one of the xenon servers, and I wasn’t happy for the ping I had there. The server was probably not located in Europe then.

I think I’ll go for Brohost, but I’d like to know a server using Brohost so I can connect it to see if the ping is either high or low.

Why is Brohoster so expensive, I could name 5+ other services that are cheaper.

“This server is running older version of this game”, can’t connect to it.

I was going for Biohost which was quite a cheap, but they were out of stock.

Because we don’t put 100 gameservers to a dedicated server like everybody else and we have it so our server’s usage averages never go over 50% in case someone feels like using a little bit more power at one point or another.

He used to “own” their ZS server. It was the only GU server that was ever popular, when he stopped running it, GU died.