Games beat real life

Games beat real life, also saves a lot of time.

Realism (Well not really since it has Ghost Recon interface. XD But still.)


Why not always do it like that.

hahahaha it’s really not “games” it’s just half-life 2

take 60000 bullets and dump SMG rounds down range without any feelings of repercussions of not taking cover. that game was built for you to take every bullet possible in the game and not flinch. the health system in HL2 is a joke because, no matter what, you’re just about invincible.

Fixing pictures ._>

I wish I could see the pictures.

But really I can guess what your argument is. To be honest I’d rather play Brothers in Arms, as flawed as it is, and feel scared to get hit by a single bullet in the leg, than play Half-Life 2 and get bored after ten minutes when I realise that, however impressive all the set-pieces are, that nothing can actually damage my character or any of the other friendly characters in the game.

I’m not saying I’m some realism junky though; I really enjoy messing about in Arma 2 but, as a video game, it really sucks (maybe the expansion pack will change that a bit, but I don’t have my hopes set very high). I simply find it much easier to get sucked into a game if it is a little realistic, or has the option of realism - for example, I always play DiRT using the in-car view.

yeah. more games need to have the rainbow six style gimp system. - you get shot with a small caliber pistol round and you shrug it off your vest. you get hit by a 7.62 and you live? hah, you’re not going to be feeling too hot the rest of the mission and you get movement and accuracy penalties. That’s how it should be done in every game – fuck this “take cover and regain health!” shit that everyone stuffs down your throat (COD/HALO, I AM LOOKING AT YOU)

I’ve been playing Ghost recon a lot lately, great game for playing with friends or so and I really like it. But it’s just really what you prefer, you can’t be a super armored awesome dude in every game. I kinda made fun of it here.

I miss health bars…

the first ghost recon was the best because it has what i mentioned above

also I think GRAW has it too but I haven’t played that in forever so I can’t recall.

OGR was absolutely amazing though in co-op.

Nice pictures. Great DoF and blood as usual. Posing is a tiny bit stiff in places.

I played all ghost recon games, been playing the first ones lately, Close quarters suck! Whaha, you ALWAYS die. That’s why you need grenades, but i love the game.

Played GRAW too, it’s also very nice because you really need to use the UAV and other modern stuff to your advantage.


Last picture made me laugh.

Your FLIR is missing some other necessary things, but uh pretty good!

Yeah, gave it a basic look, without all those numbers and other stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! just down a bit the bloom…

It’s edited in it wasn’t ingame bloom. So that means I liked it this way.

cool editing

A fine example of a luring ambush tactic.

… Yes. Dun dun dun duuuun.

Game pic reminded me of Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
My friend just throws on thermal, grabs a heavy machine gun, and mows down the entire room, usually without taking a hit.

The first looks like the guns were posed badly.