Games related to Rust!

I know there are plenty of topics asking about the same thing as I do. Wouldn’t it be better if we all collect them at one topic?
Post games related to Rust here, just something to keep us busy until we get an alpha key/open beta!



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Or you could search for them and put them into your post instead of having other people do your work?
7 Days to Die

That’s all I got, now go and find it yourself.

dayz and “Infestation” are shit so yeah

Infestation, YES. DayZ, maybe… the DayZ mods of the mod are a lot better than the vanilla one.

Dayz is a fun game, its just annoying that you can’t make sure your stuff is safe/build an own house!
In origins you can but that mod is shitty…

Project Zomboid.

Check out Its really cool and like Rust

if you go raiding with a group a lot then I’d suggest something like ARMA for similar squad gameplay

And not that DayZ shit. The old, gold Dynamic Zombie Sandbox.