Games show 'Unavailable' in Game Extensions

Hello forums

I bought Garry’s Mod for my friend today, and he has been having trouble with his Half Life 2 Episode 1, Day of Defeat Source, and Half Life 2 showing up in his game extensions.

The games are fully installed, updated, and recently played on, but when he goes to add them to GMod prop base, they show UNAVAILABLE. We tried searching for specific props from that game, it shows up for me, not for him (in menu search) and he sees errors and missing materials from those games, while I have no visual problems.

If anyone has had this problem before, and/or knows how to fix it, please post :slight_smile:

Thank you~

Does he have the games legaly?

I gifted to him.
on steam.

Sorry for bumping, but he needs to own those games, not you.

I gifted him GarrysMod 10.
I am not an idiot, I have been on the GMod forums longer than both of you -

Well Critz isn’t saying something stupid though :stuck_out_tongue: he asked if he had them legally all though you have explained it. All though the other is a dumbass. Hmmm are you sure he received the game though? Did he accept the games or something? I’m not sure. Maybe he needs to reinstall Garry’s mod?

reset the garrysmod folder (rename or delete the 2nd garrysmod folder. its steam > steampps > user > garrysmod > garrysmod)

Did it did it :stuck_out_tongue:
and well sorry just some people dont think before they post :stuck_out_tongue:
had a rough morning took it out on idiots sorry :0

Don’t take it out on idiots. Take it out on the people you’re helping YOU JACKASS! GOD DAMN IDIOT! (im jk dude. glad you fixed it, this doesn’t mean we’re friends though)

No I didnt fix it?
I did that, Im not a nub, that was the first thing I told him to do.
I think its just STEAM taking a shiz on the game and theres nothing we can do about it, oh well.

Haha fail post is fail. Go to some other thread :stuck_out_tongue: you’re just pissing people off. Nor did I ever say we will ever be friends.

Oh gosh, the Troll Armada is gonna come from some little problem I have with my bud seeing textures on the clans map.
Alright he can live with the build being checkered!
Thread closed.

wasn’t talking to you. it was about a different thread with agent. goodbye

baby come back!