Gameserver transfer to another Server (Need Help)

so I´ve got the Problem that i got a new Root Server and i got a Gmod DarkRP Server on my first Root Server!
Now, i want to get my DarkRP to my new Server without losing PermaProps,Job Whitelists, Textscreens etc.

Rootserver 1(Gmod Server) -> Rootserver 2(Destination)

I know that the Player Infos, Perma Props n’ Stuff are located in the sv.db and the rest of the data inside of the data folder like, Whitelists, Textscreens

But everytime i copy the SV.db and data folder to the the new server it always says Lua Error, Data not loaded yet please reconnect

I even tried to copy the whole garrysmod folder to the new server, same error

Please Help!

Make sure your dropping the sv.db file into your \garrysmod folder.

Also note that text screens and things like NPC’s which addons have are sometimes stored in the data folder, remember to transfer them as well!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer but when i transfer anything from the data folder or the sv.db to the new server it always says: “your data hasnt been loaded yet, please reconnect”(reconnecting doesnt help)
My Playermodel is a Black non animation figure

Make sure both servers are turned off when moving those files.

Okay, I´ll try this out, thanks for the answer!
Hope it works