out of business?

My server is down, approaching 24 hours with no response from support. Another server with them is crashing 5-7 times each week, no response from support. Abandoned support is usually the first sign of a company circling the drain.

Anyone else having problems?

They’re Rust servers aren’t very good to be honest. I got one with them because they’re cheap, but the server lags often. Support is good thought, they replied in like 1 hour for me.

I’m using them and I’m up. Maybe an issue with a certain data center?

Could be. It’s hosted in Chicago. It would be nice if they’d at least post a service bulletin or update my ticket or something.

I have a few other servers in other markets all alive, but who knows for how long. Can anyone else recommend a GSP that allows you to change the command line?

I can always fire up a dedicated server again, I just like the simplicity of using a GSP and having multiple markets.

GameServers did finally come back and update my ticket, but shortly afterwards my server crashed again.

Fair warning for anyone looking for a new GSP:’s support leaves a lot to be desired.

Change data centers. It’s free on Gameservers. I’m hosted from their Miami data center and have had very little problems. Went down once, I did a restart and all was well.

We had some network issues with our server a few months back, then we changed to, which we moved away from after a week again, their support is nearly none-existing, even though they claim 24/7 activity. And their network stinks as well.

I will definately not recommend

We went dedicated server and havent had problems since, at all, none whatsoever - but is also quite expensive compared to a rented Rust server. (€45 monthly).