Hello all…

Frustrating i need some help pls guys, I have spoken to so many times and getting nowhere fast as the game isent saving, me and a freind spent almost 6 hrs on there last nite we built a house and done alsorts sleeping bags guns the lot between us, we then logged out as per normal… I just logged back in on my server and yes we are back at the begining yet again nothing is being saved at all.


not something I would do…
Your asking for trouble posting that info. Change your pass now !


Asking for trouble… there is no private details on there as far as i know, there must be some one who can sort this not so good server out as havent a clue and its spoiling the game as ppl have left because nothing is saved…

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Thank you for who ever changed my server details you prick

Is there another good alternative to Who are other people successfully hosting their RUST servers with? Would be interested to know if you get this working Jerry…

I will have a look neil as dont seem to be very good, i will post on here as soon as i find one :slight_smile:


Sounds like running your own server could be fun, if it only costs about $25 per month, and you don’t have to setup the server yourself… keep us posted!

Sorry that someone messed with your settings. Unfortunately on Rust / Community, most people are about 14, and act like it. Shame, as I love the game, just not the players…

Im not with gameservers, but if the control panel is like my host, someone could log into your control panel and lock you out.
Im new with rust experimental server stuff, but, in your control panel is their any setting to back up your “world” files? As an admin you should get into the habit of doing this. It allows you to reload your world.
Its not an auto save, but it works when your server crashes and loses data.
Also, unfortunately because rust is getting updated alot, world resets are part of the fun atm. :slight_smile:
Atm my server is booting me every 3 minutes because host updated the server files… I swear I saw an airplane the last time I logged in before getting kicked, so maybe there is another update tomorrow.

I am with GS too and had the same issue, I sent one ticket and the issue was resolved quite quick (faster than I expected).

This is how you fix the issue:

Log into the member area (GS server panel).
Go to ‘Config’.
Now add the following: -load

Put ‘-load’ at the beginning of the command line, like: -load -batchmode +server.ip

Save the config, then restart the server. Next place a foundation > exit the server > restart the server > see if the foundation is still there.

Regarding “no saves”, this “issue” has been answered plenty of times.

I must of missed that sendjes…

Why is it you can buy a server mod it with the same rust as everyone else under “modded servers” and you cant on ordinary servers? Dont get me wrong as its a great game i do enjoy it.