I am looking to start a server using a host, but question is, there’s so many outdated gamemodes due to the GMod update. I am not experienced with lua and I cannot fix issues like this.

So I am wondering, how is everyone doing? Are you fixing your problems by hand? What about you “RP” owners?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but the most popular RP gamemodes have already been updated to 13.

Do you have any links to these as I already see that the Gamemodes section is quite dead.

Okay, now I have to ask. What the heck are you talking about?
Links to… RP gamemodes? I’m not sure I understand.

Just look in the Gamemodes sections. There are gamemodes like DarkRP, Pistachio Roleplay, LightRP, ect…

Do you want me to write in chinese perhaps? Set your mind straight and stop trying to be smart, because you’re not.

I said I wanted a link to one or two working RP gamemode releases. Still not understanding a single word of what I am saying? 我希望有一個鏈接到工作的角色扮演遊戲模式

Quit being a cunt, I genuinely didn’t understand what you were asking.
If you’re asking for help;

  1. Go to fucking google
  2. Don’t act like a smartass when someone tries to help you

You really need someone to go to search darkrp svn for you?
CHINESE: 你真的需要有人為你去搜尋darkrp SVN嗎?
AFRIKAANS: Jy werklik nodig het om iemand te gaan darkrp svn om te soek vir jou?
ARABIC: كنت حقا بحاجة لشخص الانتقال إلى البحث darkrp إس بالنسبة لك؟
BULGARIAN: Вие наистина трябва някой да отиде да търси darkrp SVN за вас?

Oh good god…
Look, stop acting like a twat and you may actually get some help. The manner of which you are speaking makes little to no sense and you haven’t at all said what you actually want.