Gametracker hacked or bugged? The #1 TTT server (apparently)

Has anyone else seen this?

They became the “#1 GMod server”, literally overnight: Highest (past month): 1st Lowest (past month): 4738th

'Dat curve 'doe!

Very interesting. Any thoughts guys?

Perhaps it’s something this really crappy build server did to get top spot on the sandbox list: Spawn a metric shitton of bots. (Not NPCs. I mean the legitimate bots that are derpy as fuck.)

Edit: This is assuming rank is based on player numbers. Bots count as players.

Surely if this was the case, their player count somewhere on the graph would be at the highest point?

Hmmmm… 1000 Hours!!!

Who cares about these stats anyway, nobody would trust a random site like gametracker to elect the “best server of them all”.

Why would you even want to rank garry’s mod servers, that just doesn’t make any sense at all and is broken by design. Just move on.

I use gametracker to see how well my server is doing in comparison to other servers. I know comparing servers could be considered dumb as not every server is the same, as in comparing TTT to DarkRP is like comparing shoes to pizza. However for me, it gives me a goal to work towards, as dumb as it may sound.

thats definitely plausible

Maybe, but on the second server, the most hours played is 500!

maybe they only got a second server after the first became successful

Nope. 1 Server

Oh, yeah, I saw this myself

With the traffic it has gotten, there’s no way it could’ve legitimately done it :v

Eh, how filled the server is vs. the full capacity is what I’d be more proud of.

Is there any info about the ranking algorithm available to the public?

-GameTracker Admin

Obviously a professional painter

Most likely a bug, given that the average player count hasn’t spiked and it mainly goes on that… along with some tricky values given to more recent players etc.

I know the owner of this and he said he doesn’t have a clue how this happened. This is not legit because its empty most of the time and its got to be some obvious glitch with the server hosting or gametracker!