Gametracker Info On Server Loading Screen

I’ve seen server where they have gametracker information displayed on their loading screen so they have a live leaderboard essentially. I know how input loading screens and I have the code for the gametracker, but I haven’t found where I would essentially overlay the “code” onto the leaderboard image and putting it on the server loading screen

This post confuses me entirely.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish…?
I mean, I know you want a loading screen with a leaderboard, but…
A: Are you sure it’s GameTracker info?
B: “life leaderboard”?
I’m kinda stumped here. Could you explain in a bit more detail?

It’s probably literally linking to a page like this:

If that’s the case, then it’s just sv_loadingurl “

If not, then they might be using a custom loading screen.

Yes, the player stats on gametracker.

Also that was a typo I failed to notice, it’s meant “live leaderboard”. As in…updated on the spot.

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Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: