Gameweb Admin Addon

Gameweb Admin Addon
[release]What is this?
This is basicly a admin addon with website included.

This addon is in beta stage so its not recomended to use this on a public server.
It works perfectly its just that i dont know any exploits or bugs.
This addon is chat based for now. I will add a GUI, the only menu thats GUI is the help/banequest menu (F4)
If you find a exploit, bug or glitch contact me via pm.

This is my first release

Version: 0.5 - Beta

Svn is recomended!
Username: username
Password: password

:siren:Note: The site will look strange on the old IE versions. :siren:
[/release][release]Known bugs, glitches:

[li]The bantable timer wont run if no one has joined the server since startup. NOTE: it runs on startup but not after it if no one joins. Im working on this![/li][/ul]
This addon is using 3 modules
[/release][release]How to install:
To install the addon you create a db for the addon. Import the sql file included.
In all lua files its a comment “–variables” and “–end of variables” change the variables between them as you want.
In the functions.lua file theres two tables, in the first table change to the rules your server have,
In the website files, open config.php change the variables to your mysql settings.
NOTE: The table cant have the same id.
Press the images to make them bigger
Mobile App:

View YouTUBE video

This project is under the license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License

In next release:
[li]Teleport function[/li][li]One file for sql settings and other stuff aka config.lua[/li][/ul]
Change log:

0.5 - Beta:
Initial release

Entoros - Help with Lua problems
MakeR - Thanks a ton - Lua
darksoul - Thanks a ton - Help with Lua problems
fishface60 - Help with Lua problems
Yuriman - Maker of the admin mod
Grea$emonkey - Thanks a ton- Lua

:siren:Importent: This addon will not work on listen servers!:siren:

Awesome! I give all props to who helped make this and help with this.

Grea$eMonkey and Yuriman left me out of this? That’s bull crap.

On-topic: This is pretty good, other then the leaving me out of it part.

What did I do to help?

Wow, this is really cool! :buddy:

Oh sorry copied the credits list from the addon will add you. When i get to a computer.

@grea$emonkey you helped me with testing and lua AFAIK

This seems great. Will use when some bugs has been fixed.

You forgot the header :stuck_out_tongue:


To download it go here

Save the file to includes folder

Did i, will fix that


Added header.html to svn

I can see a lot of errors coming up. You seem to be running client code in /autorun, so the server will run it too.

weird couse i dont get any errors on my server, its a dedicated,
But il fix it.

In other news this was my 200th post


[li]Fixed client stuff running on server, this may have fixed so you can run this on listen servers, im not sure.[/li][li]Website bugs[/li][li]Bans is now retrived to a ban table so you dont get disconnected randomly on join anymore.[/li][/ul]

i got it all set up how do i add my self to admin

you open the users table and change your status to 3

0 = Guest
1 = VIP
2 = Admin
3 = Owner

thank you

4 ranks?
Common, can’t you make a bit more ranks or make the owners able to create more user ranks?

You don’t need more then 4…I mean really its all any server needs and its all most use. Also, I’m pretty sure you can it just probably doesn’t have a fancy menu.

I like having more, so people will have an objective on my server. Keeps things interesting.

I will fix some stuff with ranks, accept/denie ban request in the next version

About the rank thing i may add so you can create your own ranks.

it will not work… by me…