Gaming Haven Network| 24-7 Fretta|

Started up a new server and brand new community. The server is fretta based and is usually playing Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT). Since the server is new it still has some small kinks that need to be addressed. Anyone who has had past experience in server hosting, and lua, feel free to contact me if interested in becoming a great asset to the community. Gaming Haven Network is a public community and we are always glad to see new faces. The server is currently running with 30 slots of player space and is online 24-7.

For every community to become great, it needs an excellent team of administrators that are serious and not hot headed especially to protect the server from random death-matching in TTT. Currently the number of admins is low on the count of this community just started today. I will be choosing players who i see fit and mature for an admin position. Do not ask for admin ever…

This community does not tolerate hacking,exploits, and advertising of any kind. Players found to be violating these rules will be servilely dealt with. Although there are other rules these are the main ones.

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Come join and have fun.

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