Gamma Changing Software with Hotkey

Hey guys. I was hoping somebody could send me a Gamma changing software that is activated on key press.


If you are going to use the gamma increase to see at night…at least don’t be so damn lazy than to launch your video control panel and bump it up…it literally takes 10 seconds…

I cant’ wait for this dude to download a lighthack and later came it was a gamma changer and get banned, then make a thread about it

Uninstall the game now, please…

U really need to uninstall ur game buddy. Its same as saying.
“Hey guys where I can download Hacks and Hack on rust” on official “facepunch” forum.

Are u really that dumb or u just do not understand what u type?

I know of a gamma program called FLux, but it doesnt brighten only dims. it matches the lighting outdoors during the day, and dims the brightness to a soft light during the night.

Its not really what your looking for, as this is just to produce less strain on the eyes, not brighten up games.

You want it brighter? wait for daytime lol

You guys are dumb. You just into control panel and change the gamma settings. You don’t need a mod for rust, you’ll just get banned.

lol. I know that but I want something to do that automatically.