Gamma finally Fixed ?

Hey all, i hate the gamma trick but since the most of people are using it i usually do too. Today i’ve noticed that even on Snow biome i wasn’t able to see anything.
I’m i the only one who noticed this ( positive ) change ?

I was on a server this afternoon and someone was complaining about a player shooting ppl in the complete darkness. Didn’t witness it myself but just reporting what I was hearing.

Gamma trick?

its not fixed. you can still use it . just need to tweak something els :slight_smile:

like what?

Devs can try to fix exploits, some (stupid) players will always do whatever they can to find new ones and gain an advantage over legit players. It’s sad that we’ve come to this, but we have to accept it.

Saw this post and tried it, doesn’t work for me.

Yeah if you check it mentions there that the gamma issue was mostly fixed.

I wouldnt call it a fix…night looks very very bad now…like somebody just spray painted my screen with black spraypaint

It is a fix though. A fix to those that liked to cheat and boost gamma.

I think it looks quite beautiful. Black ground against dark starry sky.

Some ppl already find way to see everything at night. Anyway, what is the point of completly dark nights? Its just boring, cause most of players stay in bases at night now, cause they can’t see shit. Just make nights brighter for everyone, not only for “hackers” - problem fixed.

If you knew anything you would know the old gamma “trick” was not people hacking rather just people using sense.

At night time u can still see like…its not supposed to just be solid black lol.

It’s exploiting.

True but night should not be completely dark, and more to the point people exploit! That’s just the way the world is unfortunately.

Boosting gamma to see in the dark isn’t anything new. I remember doing it back in the days of Doom (yes, the original). It’s not a hack in the sense that it doesn’t modify anything in game. But when used in the context of a multiplayer game, gamma boosting can give a player an unfair advantage over others who don’t use it. So it’s fair to considered gamma boosting an exploit.

That said, what’s someone supposed to do when many others - if not a majority - are using this? Do you leave yourself at an unfair disadvantage and “play fair”, or do you boost yours as well to level the playing field? I honestly don’t blame people for doing this. But at the same time, I’m glad to see that measures are being put in place to counter it. I don’t like how night looks now because of it, but I’d rather see everyone on equal footing.

The current nights are basically telling players to just pause their game play until sunrise. I could see if they added wall lighting for bases. Lanterns aren’t a default. Even the raiders are just shift-tabbing to read forums or play clicker games until the night ends. Their solution isn’t elegant, it’s an annoyance.

Miner’s hats, torches, candle hats, lanterns, campfires, and (I think I read) eventually spotlights, not to mention that there are large periods of the night where you can see things against the skyline – it is hardly a time that can only be spent waiting in your house.

Agreed. I still go out and do things at night. That’s why we have lights in the game after all. It’s not impossible to do by any means. That said, I do take advantage of the night cycle to go afk for bio breaks, food, etc while crafting gunpowder.

On a side note though, I suspect many of the people that have vocally protested the look of the game every time Facepunch tried to fix the gamma exploit to be just pissed off because their gamma boost doesn’t work anymore.