gamma hackers

most people turn their gamma up in the night… i find this cheating because its not part of the options or something.

Everybody can turn on their gamma

Not a hack. You are taking it too seriously. It’s easy to “counter” , just turn your gamma up too. As far as the visibility goes… It’s not that much better. You just see more at night.

Even with gamma, there’s still periods of night where it’s somewhat difficult to see, because it gets so dark that the color is simply not precise enough (with your average 24 bit backbuffer, there are 8 bits per RGB, which means approximately 255 possible brightness values. if it gets too dark, only a very small subset of these are used, so when you crank up the brightness it just looks washed out)
Anyway, no it’s not cheating.

i still find it cheating towards other players who play the game as what it is.

Don’t complain about other people just because you refuse to turn up the brightness on your monitor.

HR Clan crying their eyes out hilarious!

No way.
If someone has better hardware and a great internet connect resulting in smoother play… are you saying they they’re cheating then? Not that it does much in this game but people lower detail settings to see more and that still isn’t cheating.

Good point. If I have a campfire on the first floor of my house, someone on high detail may not immediately see the fire because the walls of my house cast a shadow, hiding the light. However, someone on a very low detail setting would immediately see the light of the fire, because shadows are turned off so light “goes through” the walls of the building and lights up the surrounding terrain.
But nobody considers it cheating to turn down your graphics settings. So why would turning up brightness be considered cheating?

This goes in the same category as cranking down the awesome level so shadows don’t obscure things. Also, are those of us running the game at 1920x1080 cheating those who’s native resolution is smaller?

People who can play while dimming the lights in their room are hacking too!

easy fix, just make the whole night like the 1 minute Night that even gamma dont lighten up

I really dont get you guys , you complain about hacks,cheats to everyone that kills u I think you need to check the internet what hacks, cheats really is man.

I got owned by some guys because I didn’t know about the gamma but now i do so problem solved. It’s unfair to people who might not know it in the beginning but I guess you just have to man up.

ruins the game for me so i won’t do it, but others will.

I assume most players don’t though, and those that do are just crap at doing things the regular way and the way the game is actually meant to be played.

Some people will do anything for an advantage; personally, i don’t need one.

I dont think this is cheating but i hate this argument that you can do it too so its no cheating.
I mean as far as i know everybody can use things like aimbots so using aimbots and other stuff isnt cheating?

changing your gamma and turning off grass IS a form of cheating, it’s just not hacking.

Giving yourself a competitive edge over other people who are playing the game as intended – is by definition a cheat.

cheating and hacking are not the same thing, please understand the difference before you tell me “you can do it too” – i know i can, i can install an aimbot too, but I don’t.

Playing games as they are intended is a lot more fun for me, I do not require an advantage over you to send some lead your way.

What if someone has high gamma when using computer in general. Are they cheaters too?
What if i raise my sound volume that i could hear better, em i cheating?
What if i play this game with 3 monitors or have a single big monitor, em i cheating?

Those things i have mentioned are by any means allowed to do. Anything you can do with game settings and displays settings is allowed. Can’t say its cheating, more like smart use of displays options.

so if your screen looks like a washed-out mess and the grass is disabled, you think that’s playing the game as intended?

You can justify your cheating any way you like, but other people are leaving the gamma at a setting that looks good, night looks like night, and if you’re changing your options to see better than the other guy – you’re a cheater in my books.

That said, nothing is going to stop people from doing it, and that’s fine… you can justify it to yourself however you like but it’s not the game I wish to play, and I would consider it cheating.

Do none of you have your own values and code? Do ethics mean anything to you? Oh right, this is a KOS community… nevermind.

No, they didn’t tweak the setting to see better than me. It is what it is.

No, this is an intended feature of the game. You should be able to hear the sound.

I dont really know what kind of advantage this would bring, but no; this would be as intended.

Lets say you found a way to hear footsteps in directions further than intended, or they were very hard to hear normally and you managed to normalise the audio so all footsteps are the same level, this would be cheating.

Calling people cheaters or hackers just because they have different game/display settings than yours is plain dull, because this is only a game. IMO.

In the end, increasing display gamma helps only little, there is a point in-game where it goes pitch black regardless how high your gamma is.

To cheat is to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage (Thanks Google). While this may give them an advantage, this is in no way dishonest nor unfair. You can turn up your gamma too, so technically the rest of us can say that you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage by not doing so. There is no rule against it.

With that being said, I don’t turn up my gamma to see better at night. When night falls, I put all my stuff in my inventory and log out for a while and go do other stuff while I wait for night to pass without losing calories. Or is that cheating too?