Gamma issue

So when I was launching rust I clicked on windowed mode and ever since than whenever I try to adjust my gamma in catalyst control center it doesn’t work in rust. I tried on other games and the gamma works normal but in Rust I can’t adjust the gamma at all it just doesn’t work.

It’s kind of the point, your not supposed to turn up your gamma and see easy in the dark.

Good. The game is dark for a reason.

Your answers are pathetic. I asked for help and u come here acting all smart like u don’t use gamma. The game is unplayable without it because 95% of the players use it. If the game was suppost to be dark for a reason dev’s should have fixed the gamma issue,go act smart somewhere else if you’re not going to help thanks.

Yes, using a known exploit “because everyone’s doing it” is the best way to do things. You come on here asking for help when trying to abuse an exploit and get pissy when people tell you no? LMAO

I don’t use gamma. In fact, the last time I played the game I feel like most people didn’t. That’s because when I played the nights were pitch black and gamma didn’t make any difference.

Also, I don’t care for cheating. People will surely disagree with me here, but cranking up your gamma to have an unfair advantage over people who have not is cheating to me.

The people who don’t have their gamma are at UNFAIR DISADVANTAGE. Not the other way around.

you could say the same for people who aren’t hacking. it doesn’t make it fair.

but look at it this way. if the gamma exploit doesn’t work for you, odds are its not gonna work for anyone else either;)

At 3rd or 4th step of calibration there’s a slider for gamma. Turn it up and play the game. Once you’re done playing just hit cancel in the calibration window and it goes back to your former settings.

Sure, some people may call this cheating but it is not that clear. This is monitor calibration and not all monitors are created equal. It also depends on the environment in which you are using the PC.

I had a monitor which after a couple of years use became very dark. It worked fine but the gamma was too low to watch movies or play games. Had to turn it way up to make it look normal.

Mofo, turning up your gamma to look normal and cranking it up to see at night in a game that’s supposed to be dark are two different things.

Gragos, you basically just validated the use of hacks. “The people who don’t [use hacks] are at an UNFAIR DISADVANTAGE.

Maybe if you’re bad at rust, but otherwise there are ways to play around it.

How are we supposed to know how dark it should get during the night? Should it be pitch black or should we still be able to see a bit?

When I first played rust I didnt change my gamma setting but since then I have been killed more and more at night at times where I couldnt see 5 meters in from of me. Btw I found that using fullscreen and gamma works. I dont use it much but when I know others are i do. I try to be fair and not use it but sometimes you cant play fair when your enemies arent going to either.

So you have the same reasoning people who utilize hacks do. “Everyone else is using it, so I want to even the playing field.”

Ive used raised gamma. Its cheap yes, but I watched the movie “It” too often to go anywhere where the lights aren’t on.

Maybe just set gamma to the default level and leave it there? That seems like the obvious choice.
The nights used to be pitch black, they aren’t anymore so I believe you should be able to see at least a little bit.

I realize that it’s not very fair since everyone else is doing it but in my opinion you’re just making yourself just as bad as them when you do the same thing, then YOU’RE the one being unfair.

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Frankly, I wish they’d just go back to pitch black nights and negate this whole issue.

Experimental looks kinda “darker” than the legacy rust though. If i’m not mistaken they had a plan to make gamma usage kinda worthless. The same tatic CoD use or bf4 i think… I may be wrong :expressionless: it was like 6 months ago they had a trello card about this.

There’s no such thing as “default” gamma. Sure, on software level you can set that but every monitor has it’s own natural “brightness”. That’s why people calibrate monitors when they work with graphics - all monitors have different colors and brightness levels. Which can also change over time.

It will never be equal to anyone just because you leave it on default.

Brightness and gamma are two different things. And I never said everyone’s will be exactly the same, but I feel like anyone could figure out a pretty much “average” level that doesn’t make their desktop all whitewashed and makes the game actually dark.

Or you could keep coming up with silly reasons to allow yourself to keep cheating, doesn’t matter to me.

If you actually turn up the gamma to get an advantage in Rust you are the lowest scum of the Earth.

Gamma is a part of overall brightness. You can’t work out an average. If something is not supposed to be visible - don’t render it. If it is rendered - it is supposed to be seen. If it is still not visible - turn up your gamma.

I don’t need to come up with any reasons to turn up or to not to turn up my gamma. As long as the game allows it I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks.

I’m a seasoned quake 2 and 3 player. There everybody tweaks their game config to best suit their hardware, eyes and hands. Everybody would force bright colored fat enemy models so they could see better and react faster. I don’t see a problem with that as long as everyone has the same tools available at their disposal.

Now using cheats and hacks is a different story because it gives you advantages over other players that they can’t have in any circumstance no matter what they do legitimately.