Gamma issues

So I recently saw on Youtube ways to change your gamma and options so that you can see at night…While I do not do this because i enjoy the dark nights, It definately puts me at a disadvantage. I have to hold a torch, while someone else can hold a gun and see. I know this has to deal with their monitor and may not be something that we can control, but I thought i would bring the issue up. The same thing happens with grass, people who turn it off can see others better and it puts us at a disadvantage.

Depending on your video card, it may be possible to raise gamma via your card settings, since your monitor doesn’t seem to support it.

My problem isn’t that I cannot see, It is that other people do raise their gamma so they can see, and I have to hold a torch as intended. It gives a huge disadvantage.

this was an issue mentioned by the devs, and i believe there was discussion about adding some kind of blurry filter or texture to make it difficult to see regardless of gamma. I cant find the trello card but maybe someone else can find that statement and post the link

Well, Max did bring up this idea:

Thank you! glad to see its already being looked at!

Thanks, i knew i saw it somewhere. must have just overlooked it

It’s a tough call since regardless how dark it is you can obviously see some idiot standing beside a campfire at night, or holding a torch, from very far away!

Arbitrarily reducing the view distance at night is a real hack way to address it.

The better way would be kind of Minceraft-esque where you make the night much more dangerous, with other/more dangerous NPC animals/things around when the sun sets.

I dont think its reducing the view distance so much as making it more like how you would normally see at night. What they are refering to, i believe regarding the color range is just a number that is assigned to colors, 0 being darker, 32 being lighter. So the darker the color is the more the effect would be observed, but if you saw a fire off in the distance, the reds and yellows are brigher colors, so the effect would be reduced. If that makes sense. So dark surface, high effect, light campfire low effect

Go down about half way to the adjustable color map. if you move the mixer towards the dark colors the number(although its hex) decreases, as you move it towards the white it increases. This is because black is an absence of the RGB colors, while white is all colors present. Increasing the values represent increasing the intensity of the colors