Gamode Soon To Come

Fallout-RP is of course derived from the gamemmode Dark RP, and you also may have guessed that it is based off Fallout: New Vegas!

Working On:



Decent Name

What it is planned to have:

Player Vs Player Combat
Skill Tree
Multiple Realistic Jobs
And Plenty More…

At the moment this is really just a thought in my head, but I slowly plan to put it into an actual gamemode and release it into the public, saying that if you have any comments or questions you feel free to post them!

I want to play this right now!

IGN- 10/10 “Like Skyrim With Guns!”

I would like to apologize for the thread being small I was having issues with my PC and published it without finishing it. I will however be finishing the thread once my ban is lifted, please forgive the inconvenience.

  • Thanks Allusona

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You should make this not derive from DarkRP, and instead make your own game mode, and not another DarkRP edit.

By Derived I mean kinda based off not a edit of :3