Gandalf Faces The Balrog's Kin

“From the dark depths of Moria came the beast - Balrog, from where he was slain, his Kin shall finish the job”

Tried to make a new - looking Balrog type creature…

Thou shall not pass

Shit that’s amazing

Although the background looks superb, it makes little sense

Looks great, and finally the title of one of these threads doesnt describe the image in so much detail there is no point looking at the pic, good job :smiley:

The background is nice, but the lightning is a little funky, and the smoke doesnt blend in very well.

The smoke isn’t meant to blend in very well, as in the film, the smoke is emanating from the balrog and not the enviroment which makes it not fit :smiley:

And to the above post, the enviroment makes slight sense, seeing as gandalf faced the balrog on a snowy mountain - but yeah i get your point :smiley:

Thanks for the replies.

For some reason I don’t like it, I mean, the posing and editing is good, but I just don’t… like it.

Everyone has their tastes - i hate TF2 pictures … :slight_smile:

I appreciate how you still commented on my posing and editing - atleast your nice!

There’s something really odd about this picture…

I feel the same, but what…?

The Balrog isn’t on fire, as the most iconic debut of the Balrog had it?

If you read, it is not the same creature, in a way it’s like a relative :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t mean it’s on fire :smiley:

Now you’re just full of shit.

GoldenBullet is never full of shit, he is Jesus Christ.

You’re both wrong. GoldenBullet isn’t full of shit. The man is made of shit.

The concept of another balrog is just an idea i came up with, fiction =)

He wasn’t the only Balrog to begin with though. He was just the last.

I agree with the fact the balrog wasn’t alone but like bullet said, it’s fiction so stfu please :smiley:

I like this one more than your last one, It’s outside in the snow part of the fight, way better editing too.

Great work. :smiley:

“You shall not- ah, forget this!”
Gandalf smites the beast