Gandalf Faces The Witch-King at the Battle of Minas-Tirith

"You’re Staff, Is Broken!

(Scene from the extended edition)

Lol Gandalf has a tiny mouth.

Good job editing on the faceposing though. Your fire is much improved in comparison to your last picture too.

Gandalf looks like a pussy.

Woah! What kind of girls have you been with :open_mouth:

For a moment a saw “Gandalf fights the Twitch king”.

Now I’m dissapointed, I wanted to see the twitch king :frowning:

Me likez, but its just that I’m not allowed to amke LOTR poses.

I Just had a LOTR Extended edition movie spree with my mates recently :stuck_out_tongue: 12 hours of bliss i remember this!

I’ve done that, are you sure you’re not one of my mates in disguise :ninja:

Looks good nothing much bad to see actually, Gandalf is really shocked :o

You wouldn’t happen to have any oliphants aswell?

Okay, now this is one of the lotr pictures I’ve seen that is actually very nice! I love the flames on that sword, the lighting is nice, and posing is great. The face on gandalf should make him seem like less of a sissy though… and remember, he used his sword in addition to his staff in battle… his staff could sissolve, but he’d stab-stab-kill with his sword.

That is pretty damn badass, nice edit