Gandalf Standing in Moria Holding Up his Staff with a Big light against a Balrog!

Apparently my last thread was locked and the only reason i can think of it was UTT, why the hell, it’s a quote directly from the scene in the MOVIE! :emo:

Anyways, heres the image again…

Overuse on the glow. But looks nice :smiley:

I don’t think that title is descriptive enough. :smug:

Like i said in the other thread Your best Editing Ever…But I’m noticing with the LOTR models is everyone that has them is been doing the same and same looking poses even tho their inspiration of the poses is from the movies and such…Same goes with any other model people love the same type of pose always comes out it’s kinda getting dumb now :(.


Yeah i quoted G-man one time in a thread title relevant to the pose i had but got closed it’s annoying.

Lmao, great thread title.

Thats gandalf the white, gandalg the grey was in moria silly. Or its jsut the light.

i made him gray with editing, but when i did the Teal/light blue glow it made him look white again :argh:


Oh shit! i didn’t say that they were on the bridge of Khaza’dhum and i didn’t write the history of the balrog!? it’s totally going to get locked now!

My gawd you didn’t completely specify what a Balrog is or which Balrog this is or who’s command it used to be under when it fought the elves thousands and thousands of years before this picture! OMG!!!11!!!1!

But seriously, who couldn’t guess what the picture would be from the quote “You shall not pass”?

At first I read, Gandalf standing in Moira and I was like o.O

Then I looked at the picture. It’s pretty good but the fire looks kind of weird