Gang Panel Script?

How would I start out making a gang kind of thing for a DarkRP server? I want it similar to PERP’s…

I know how to code the derma panel… but I don’t know how to invite people to an gang and then make it so that it saves it.

Making the menu is the simplest part.

Have fun scripting this when you cannot make a basic derma menu.
Do you have any lua knowledge? If not, go to the requests section.

Are you dumb? Can you not read… I said “I can code the derma panel”… I’m able to code most of it, I just don’t know basically the saving part.

Learn to read, cause yes I have LUA knowledge.

Wel it depends on were you want to save the data.
SQL, text, SQLLite, DarkRPVars!

text is the safest way to go, unless you want to use it remotely on a website or another server, then you’d use MySQL

What makes you think text is “safest”

Also, DarkRPVars doesn’t save over sessions, so you can count that out.

To save the gang names and information, you would use a SQLLite table This is quite advanced stuff, if you are unsure, you could try save using text files instead
To save what gang a player is in, you can use PData **[Player.SetPData](**

And ofcourse, you’d need a way to tell the server that you want to join a gang, or make one, or whatever. **[Concommand.Add](**

In ULX, they use text files for saving tables and logs, which is more likely to get backed up, your data folder or the .db files?

If you’re a competent server owner, both.

I’ve been reading a lot of the question threads lately and all G-Foce has been doing lately is pointing out mistakes, people being “asshats”, and generally wasting time in posting and not helping the actual help thread…