Gang shootout

I made this screenshot back in 2014, been editing it on and off since then and only now I’m somewhat happy with it.
It’s not the best, but after all this time I just want to have it on FP.

This is the closest thing I have to the original screenshot.

Tbh, where does all that smoke on the “cinematic” pictures come from?

Alright, this one is set in China. But most aren’t.

Isn’t it obvious?

One of the gangs was just in the middle of offloading boxes full of illegally imported dry ice and when the other gang attacked, a bunch of those boxes got knocked over as well as a cup of hot tea one of the men had been drinking. The dry ice spilled out of the boxes and mixed with the hot water and…


suddenly the whole street was filled with smoke.

…but yeah, it’s just meant to be that “cinematic smoke”

It’s China. It’s normal when the air is so thick you can chew it.

Well, it was supposed to be Hong Kong, but I used a neotokyo map and didn’t even bother hiding all those Japanese signs and stuff, so I guess it’s still Japan.

I think it’s still just a case of that cinematic smoke, because I’ve been to China and it was pretty fucking humid, but it definitely didn’t look like this :v:

it’s a great cheap way to add depth to things, and gunfights - especially in confined spaces - have a tendency to kick up smoke and dust

however i think it’s a little too heavy here