Gang War RP! Where guns are money!

Fuck the roleplay, let’s face it, roleplaying a “mayor” or a “medic” is boring as fuck, heal repeat, order repeat, put out fire, repeat, sell shit, repeat. Boring.

We all want to re-live our lives as hardnut gangsters and tear up the world over our turf right? But, of course, it’s great to have citizen players (who try to RP “correctly”) to shoot, just for kicks, ya know?

Well, let’s stop bitching when we get killed, let’s throw out the insanely annoying new life rule (which NO one follows properly, everyones influenced by it, get over it). This is RP where you ONLY play gansters, you fight for turf, you steal from old ladies, you collect protection money for shops n’ stuff in your land, you drive around doing drive-bys and tear up the neighbours 'lil cute kitten with your motherfucking chaingun.

Who plays the old lady, the shop owners, the citizens and the kitten? NPC’s do, and you play the awesome gangsters. In-fighting is, of course, a big feature, after all, it’s more fun killing your mob boss than your rival gang, isn’t it?

So yeah, this is a gamemode where you’ll be thrown in at the start as a cheap, newbie contractor, with no ranking and no contacts. You’ll make friends, enemies, build up ranks as you kill, perhaps get recruited into one of those hard nut gangs? And kill kittens with flamethrowers and a variety of insanely awesome weapons.

I’m hoping to use rp_suncity for this once complete (PERFECT for re-living 'ol Vice City wars) until then I’ll find something else, anything but that godawful downtown.

This is not a joke.

Update: getting there, shops, spawning, guns, vehicles, capture points done, I’d say about 50% now, lots of touching up and features to go (lots of menus and whatnot), but we’ll get there, huzzah!

Yea… We need more Action! on roleplay!

I agree.



Searches for 1958 RP thread

I was wondering, what do people think: limit the gang count, as in, don’t allow custom gangs, instead, have 4 or more, and just have ranks within those, highest ranking player online gets the main control, or they vote leaders? Why? Because then we could have territory split better, and it wouldn’t be messy with no people in certain gangs, and it’d stop a million empty gangs too :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking:

  • Classic Mafia (tommy guns, etc)
  • Yakuza (ninja powa, plus guns)
  • Cockney Geasers (Londonite thugies :D)
  • The Police (like, seriously, a police force, no allies :D)

Other gang ideas anyone?

The irish and russian mobs

south american drug cartels

Would be awesome I must say.

Ah of course, the drug cartels! And Russian mob! (irish mob? = IRA?, not putting that in, touchy area XD)

  • Drug Cartels (get basic money from drugs)
  • Russian Mob (brutal, brutal, brutal, use dogs)


Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like DarkRP, though this gamemode should draw in the DarkRP players and you will be left over with good roleplayers.
Which is a good thing, hopefully soem server might have some good RP’ers on aswell.

Good idea, I would love to see this idea completed.

PS. I could do some lua coding thought my skills aren’t great.

Except, you can RP the exact same thing in DarkRP, just DarkRP has more variety. How is this going to be different from DarkRP in that sense?

Read the thread, if you still can’t see major, MAJOR differences, your blind.

Also, no gun sellers, NPC’s do that, so you can concentrate on running the gang and taking turf (which will be controlled by capture points in specific spots, of course).

I just wish there was something out like this now because any other servers that I did that stuff on I was kicked straight off.

The latinos gang

I got dibbs, no touchie.

It’ll be the highest rank player calling the shots (well no, I’ll probably have each rank [or certain levels of rank] allowing certain commands). But the highest rank will overrule the lowers.

Also, I’ve finished my exams, but there’s others going on so I have a few days before the partying begins, so I’ll probably get a good start… tomorrow :slight_smile:

Eh, the balancing would suck, but idea for map and GM. 4 gangs, 4 different sections of map that represent each one. They are fortified in in a gorge (gourge?) or something and have guards at all times (not everyone) then there are the other gangs and they can raid each other, etc. It played out nicely in my mind.

Anyway, If you’d like some help, I’d be willing.

what about the stereotypical American gangsters?

Need gang “names” really. Maybe “The Hood”, gangters similar to GTA:SA etc?



Not that it would suck, but theres things that would have to be balanced out and prevented at the beginning. Uh, I don’t know how to explain it, or what I was thinking in past 10 minutes. Just forget about it :D.