Gangs Unite To Fight Martian Threat!

Inspired by this mars attacks card/description


“Before the Martian invasion, warring gangs roamed the streets of New York City. Bloodshed was a common sight as factions clashed for no other reason than the colors of their skin were different! Being the wrong color on the side of the street brought out tensions which boiled over. When the Martians attacked, the gangs realized that there no longer was a right or wrong side of the street. A truce, brought about by the gang leaders, united all gangs regardless of race or color against a common threat- the destruction of the human race by a Martian invasion force. Knives, chains, axes, and rocks, once handy weapons used by humans against humans, were now used against a common foe. For the first time gangs banded together to repel this invasion of their turf. How long the truce would last was anyone’s guess. They just knew that it would last long enough to fight back against the Martians.”

No edits, be my guest to, i don’t have any ideas

It’s…bad, the posing, the guy is standing wierdly and just lookslike he is using the bat as a phone. Also, the face posing

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, baseball phone…

Not your best work.
Posing sux.
No editing.
Ring ring ring ring ring bat phone?
Whats with the guy in the background? He is useless!
The guy in the front has a retareded face!

Yeah, I’ve seen alot better from you, Deathbucket. Posing stinks, along with faceposing, fingerposing is okay, but in the end… :wtc:

need blood and better guys

Yeah, Death, we’ve seen better.

His ass is sticking out and he’s staring into empty space. Or is that just how it’s “supposed” to be.