Gangstas wit army gunz shootin' down the street.

I needed a quick break, so I made this.
lol picture music

I know FP loves Lil’ wayne
Of course the models are low-poly, they are from SA.

Armee gunz


muzzleflash is

I agree.

flash weird and that’s just a black rebel, a citizen and one ganster model

Get your eyes checked.

what? how do you mean im correct

There are two gangster models. You said one.

oh yeah soz i didnt look across the screen but still whyd you rate me dumb and bad reading? :confused:

You are messed up.

I only rated you bad reaidng, because you could’nt read the picture.

we are fooked.

what the fuck is with the muzzleflash, it looks like fireworks.

M4 modeled Roman Candles?

Looks tbh like CoD MW2 guns but it’s not even out so fuck that, but if I remember its from the big weapons pack, atleast I think.