Gangsters ambushing a Druglord

I think it turned out pretty nice.

Very nice

Kinda funny, if I was meeting someone and they kept staring out the window i would think somethings up.

Is this all in-game editing

Aren’t those models private or did I miss something?

Screen looks good.

Nice. Idea for the picture is good.

Depth-of-field is great.

One of the guys should have a tommy gun and the other a shotgun, I guess that it would feel a tiny bity more realistic. But it really doesnt matter. It looks great

The one on the right has a tommygun, and the one on the left has a sawed off BAR.

I like the shadows.

A sawed off BAR? Cool. :smug:

Nice posing, and of course nice lighting.

That’s very, very nice.

That huge white windowframe is disturbing, but good otherwise.

I’m kind of tired seeing mysterious strangers everywhere, reskinned, hexed , hacked, and none of them being released.

Sigh Good picture nonetheless, i especially like the gangstah on the left. The druglord looks like a gta vice city ragdoll tho…

the gangster models aren’t private? I want them